My latest article for a general audience appeared in The American Statistician (Vol. 73, No. sup1) in March 2019 in a special issue on “Statistical Inference in the 21st Century: A World Beyond p < 0.05.” I wrote about the history of the p-value and null hypothesis significance testing and what lessons that history has for statisticians trying to correct misconceptions about the p-value and propose alternatives to it. You can find this article here, open access. The rest of the special issue can be found here.

I have previously written on related issues in the Food and Drug Law Journal (Vol. 72, No. 4) in November 2017. “When the Alpha is the Omega” describes the history of the use of statistical inference, specifically the p-value and null hypothesis significance testing, in evaluating drug efficacy at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. You can find it at the FDLJ website. If you do not have access to this journal, you can access it here, posted with permission of the Food and Drug Law Institute.

I have written on New York State’s Medicaid program for the Medicaid Institute of the United Hospital Fund. You can find my data brief and chartbook on the unique needs and utilization patterns of children enrolled in Medicaid at https://uhfnyc.org/publications/881143. For more work by myself and my fantastic colleagues and successors at UHF, please visit https://uhfnyc.org/publications/initiatives/initiatives_medicaid_institute.